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Recently I was thinking of the people I appreciate in my life and wondered, Why don’t I show my appreciation more?” It pretty much came down to I never feel appreciated so I become bitter and more self absorbed. The more I was able to dissect myself and find out why the more I saw it in everyone around me. I hear a lot of petty talk of, “well why should I? No one does anything for me?”, complaining things aren’t getting fixed fast enough without putting in any action themselves, whining of the living enviorment while contributing to the down sides. I myself have given up caring of the way the house has been because lack of effort on others and just getting to upset from it. I began to think I clean whenever the fuck I feel like it, it’s not like it inconvinences anyone else since they never clean. I’ve been so bitter it’s blinded me to the little things that have been going on around me to where I became the person that caused me anger (minus the being a slob part). Once I realized and corrected my I was able to show/tell those who had done things around here my thanks and gratitude it was a good feel to change the vibe of the house to a clean joyous place. It would be so much easier if everyone would do their part (the right way) and appreciate others for doing their part this would be a happier place. Once again the vibe has changed due to lazy appreciative people but I’m not letting them bring me to their level. I’m over whiny. lazy, or slobby people with nothing to contribute but being a pain in the ass. It’s hard to appreciate people who are useless and do nothing so instead of wasting energy being made at those kind of people I’m going to direct my energy to being positive and appreciating people who do their part and help out like a mature, non lazy, unselfish, respectable, responsible person would. 

Too much expecting shit around here from everyone and not enough effort put forth by many. 

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